Moon Juice


How it Works

How Does This Work?

Stake Moon Juice’s native $JUICE token in order to earn $FRUIT tokens. Redeem $FRUIT tokens to play in The Game of Fruits.

What Is The Game of Fruits?

The Game of Fruits is a digital arcade powered by Moon Juice’s native $JUICE and $FRUIT tokens. Every game has a different objective and a different set of prizes. All games are entered the same way, by redeeming your $FRUIT for turns.

How Did Moon Juice Start?

Moon Juice launched with a fair distribution model. There was no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no ICO, and no VC interests.


There is zero inherent value in Moon Juice's tokens, such as $JUICE or $FRUIT. This is a social experiment, as such risk is present and should be accounted for before participating.